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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> harris: a rising star in the republican party had a major budget bill pass the house. will we see paul ryan on the bottom of a presidential we don't know who but we know where. i am harris faulkner, we are live in fox reports tonight. good things come in three's, a trio of winning tickets. and a world rord jack pot worth more than half billion and fox reports live from a store that sold a golden ticket. also,let case of a missing mom still a mystery.
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her boys killed their own dad in a horrific explosion and he's dead, too. , what we are learning about susan powell's own suspicion about husband josh before she vanished. >> and a reminder for everywhere. look. fox's top story this saturday night. three people now instant megamillionaires . and lottery officials in kansas, maryland and illinois sold a winning ticket. jackpot 640 million plus, largest prize in u.s. history. and each ticket is expected to be 213 million . that is before taxes. americans spent 1.5 billion just for a chance to strike it rich.
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red bud illinois near st. louis . baltimore county, maryland and someplace in northeastern kansas. no winner as come forward. ouds of hitting was 1 in 176 million. you have a better chance of hit by light nipping and dying in a plane crash in the same day. peter, that place in baltimore sold one of the golden tickets and what can you tell us about the winners? >> i can tell you 23 hours and 45 minutes ago, who ever he or she is, they stood here and let the computer pick the numbers and they didn't buy anything else. 7-11 reviewed the sursurcameras. they have many of them . because 1532 people tickets were sold here last night, there was a long line at
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seven:15, the moment the winning ticket was sold four people bought tickets. they looked at the tape and don't think that they are regulars and so 7-11 doesn't know what the winner is and the winner may not know right now they are really rich. >> it is possible they don't know. and you know, we hear stories of how people buy tickets and they don't look at them. i would think that all of the attention, people are checking their tickets closely. we had a power ball in september, and i think the drawing was on a wednesday night and it was not until thursday night football he looked at the power ball and he had won $109 million. >> and again, the mystery winner had 181 days left to cash in and one would hope that would be -- >> and you better hope they put it someplace safe just in
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case. i understand it is pretty good to be in place that sold one of the tickets. >> they are in line to make 100,000 as a bonus and i spoke to the owner and she said that is a big vacation for her but not as big as who ever came in and took one dollar and turned it over to 200 mill yob million of one day. there is concerns about wall street and the economy and stocks. that is not a bad return. >> peter doocy thank you for much. >> megamillion price. a truck driver from georgia and a maryland couple from maryland split the big one. and a couple from washington
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state and a bank terlshired -- terl shared. and a group in a meat packing plant played. and another used the money to get a business degree. >> fox news is america's election head quarters. all eyes on wisconsin. they hold their primary on tuesday and all four gop candidates campaigning and wisconsin is the home of congressman paul ryan. he threw his support behind mitt romney. it is the latest in the string of high profile endorsements for mitt romney. mitt romney was on fox news along with paul ryan saying it was an extraordinary week. and talking about how the republican party will come
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together if romney wins the nomination. >> the country is in danger. and we want to get it back on the right track. >> romney one of the three candidates who spoke. doug is live with more on that. doug, it sounds like rick santorum is not ready to give up the fight. >> not yet. obama was -- if itt with stands the challenge. rick santorum was accusing mitt romney of being the inspiration behind obama wear. - care . >> he was the author of mitt romney care. he was the author of the first government take over of health care. but president obama was follow the pluprint of the massachusetts. and we have a government take over of health care because mitt romney ushered it in with ted kennedy.
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mitt romney also taking fire from protestors in a stop in a phone bank. keep your mitts off birth control. they shouted shame. he is no longer feeling the need to respond to every gop rival ahe expressed his pride and said the man he expects to face in november does not. and i think over the last three or four years people have questioned that. >> romney spent much of the day campaigning with paul ryan who endorsed him. and along with senator marco rubio and former president george bush. >> and newt gingrich is making more news. and he was going to cut the stave. there is more to talk about.
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>> in a rare statement. he finally admitted that romney is likely to be the nominee . he is willing to help romney. and that is surprising begin that it is known that newt gingrich took umbrage. and harris one more things a lot of speculation of paul ryan being on the short list. he is on the short list and recent state appearances may be more than maximizing the recent endorsement especially in the home state and romney needs to have in the win column. >> and taking a look at the upcoming contest. they will go to the polls on tuesday april third and a bit of a break. new york and pennsylvania and road rod all on tuesday. and tomorrow on "fox news
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sunday", anchor chris wallace with rick santorum. check your local listening for times. >> energy and taxes dominating the dress today. president obama called on congress to increase the taxos millionaires. >> in the next few weeks. members of congress can show you where they will stand . they will vote on the buffet ruled. if you make more than a million a year, you should pay same percent class. if you make under $250,000 and like 98 percent of the americans family do, your taxes shouldn't go up. you are strugling with college tuitition and, and you deserve a break. >> the house speaker john boehner challenging president obama to get behind the republican energy proposal. >> i asked president obama to consider working with us on
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these proposal and new found support are all of the above energy strat strat. -- strategy. the president assured leaders in congress thra there was rom for common ground and a new sign of hope, and only a brief one. in the weeks since our discussion, president obama hasn't spoken up about the bipartisan energy bills and gas prices continue to rise. >> you know you are feeling it in the country. according to triple a, the average price was regular gasoline 3.92 and that is up 32 cents. >> and thousands of people taking the streets in florida in support of tray von martin. they'll continue to march until the police arrest the
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killer. tensions have steady low rose in florida since george wzzm shot martun last month. wzzm's father claimed that martin attacked his son and threatened to kill him. martin's death is a national issue now and president obama weighed in said we'll get to the bottom of and steve, officials, where are they in terms was responding to the crowd's call for arrest at this point? >> harris. you pointed out, the public pressure for an arrest keeps growing. that is the simple demand of the protestors, they want the admitted shooter arrested and wanted him arrested now and let the court decide whether or not he is guilty or innocent. >> he went to the car like
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nothing was wrong with him . you walk him back in the police car and hand cuff him again . this time you are going to print him and book him and photohim . you are going to bring him before a jury of his peers. >> the case is in the hands of a special prosprosand not clear whether or not she will bring the charges and make an arrest. no public time table of a arrest, harris. >> harris: we have seen the marches and gatherings before. describe the mood if you will of today. certainly peace emotional . there are a thousand marchers. and there are hundreds of families, too. mainly freck freck families that came out to watch and support the marchers as they walk by. >> it is not a hate thing it is right or wrong. i teach my kids not to hate
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and to love everyone and if the world had more love and less hate. then we are step closer to progress. tomorrow in miami we are expecting huge numbers. >> harris: steve is on the story. life time of work destroyed in a fire support set in what was supposed to be a controlled environment in colorado. and get ready to evacuate at a moment's notice and how nature is fueling the flames. and a new development in the effort to find this man and stay close. . ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink !
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>> >> harris: fire fights are battling a wild fire and dealing with record-breaking heat. authorities warned people in 500 homes to be ready to evacuate in a moment's notice because of the weather. the fire was sparked by a fake-controlled burn and the government suspended burns on such land and jefferson county banning anything producing an open flame. the fire destroid two dozen homes and an elderly couple killed. the lucas service was yesterday. >> they were giving and faithful to what they set out to do. they will live on in my heart and my kid's heart. and all of those memories. they will not be forgotten.
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>> the final rifting place will be in north carolina where they are from. and the latest weather conditions, maria is in the weather center. you talked about the evacuations what are they dealing with. >> the weather conditions are not cooperating. we are expecting strong wind low humidity and temperatures in the later half of the weekend. there is a little light in the end of the tunnel. we are expecting a storm system that could be bringing in. that would be much needed rain. and they will be doling with an elevated fire danger. we are looking at the same winds of up to 24 miles per hour in the denver area. that will not be helping anyone put out the wild wilds. respiratory and they could form. the fire danger in weather
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texas . all of these are red flag warnings and we have dry conditions in place. that could be bringing in rain. >> maria, thank you very much . we'll come back to you. >> and rescue crews expanding the search for a well known long distance runner who vanished. >> mike left tuesday for a routine jog in new mexico's national forest. he was wearing shorts and a tof had shirt and bottle of water. temperatures can dip to twept degrees. they are scouring the air with a helicopter and search plan. a major city here in america. they mourned the loss of life and they ended up losing their own. horror in the funeral and police are looking for
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>> right now, a manhunt in florida. two people dead and somebody opened fire at a funeral. it happened in north miami last night. police say it was a drive by shooting. and the gun men injured 12 people including a five year old girl. it looked like a war zone. people were screaming and ther looking for six suspects.
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the shooting may have been gang related. >> the head line from sir yarks the revolt is over. that is according to the government spokesperson. he said the violent year long uprising aimed at ending assaud's power has ended. and the opsession is calling for outside power to arm rebel forces. they are calling for kofi anan to outline the peace plan. inationination say 9,000 people were killed in the uprising in assad's regime. syria is in the forefront of discussion held by the top dip dip today. secretary secretary -- of state clinton issues a warning
4:25 pm
in iran as well. she arrived in turkey in the friends of syria conference. while attending a security conference in saudi arabia, clinton said about iran, the window of opportunity for a peaceful resolution will not remain open forever. she said they plan to meet in isstan bull for a round of talks. >> and leon paneta blasting over the defense budget . saying that congress would be irresponsible if it doesn't act for the cut backs. you may remember those cuts are set to kick in after a super committee failed to agree on way to slash the nation's debt. >> and what they essentially do is put a gun to their heads and to the heads of the rest
4:26 pm
of the country. >> susan powell, a mom of two from utah vanished more than two years ago . it seems that police are no closer to figuring out what happened to her. new evidence that may have an offer of strong clues yet of what happened to her. and the father of that missing woman demanding to know why police didn't act sooner if they knew what we know now? check your mirrors before you change lanes. i guess they didn't tell this guy. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> harris: i am harris faulkner and this is the fox r. united states has at least three new megamillionaires. lottery officials in illinois, kansas and maryland said they sold a winning ticket. jackpot of the megamillion. will ofy million plus. biggest in u.s. lottery history. three of the four candidates, moving on the politics. campaigning in wisconsin today ahead of tuesday's primary . former massachusetts governor mitt mitt romney getting a boost. >> and house budget chairman
4:31 pm
announced he's indorsing him for president. >> and in florida. thousands of people marching for trayvon mart and i know his five five. he was killed by george zimerman last month. the father of susan powell reacting to newly released evidence in the case . questioning why police never arrested his son in law the only person of interest in the case. josh powell told investigators he took his two young sons camping the night susan powell vanished. powell killed himself and those little boys during what was supposed to be a supervised visit to the home.
4:32 pm
all three died in a gas fueled inferno. outside of the home a desperate social worker was pleading for help. investigators found blood and a hand written note inside of powell's utah home not long after she disappeared. police never arrested josh powell. susan said if josh had been in jail, those children would be safe. boy this hurts. >> it is so tough to look at the video and the anger that everybody experienced. the hand written letter was stapled around the edges and she ask that her husband josh not see it in the letter she said they had been having marital troubles and if she died, it may not be an accident. it said josh threaten tod destroy her if they got they
4:33 pm
found her blood next to a sofa that was cleaned and life insurance policies totaling woand half million with josh as a beneficiary. all this would be reason enough for a arrest what happened in washington state. and the investigators are saying in utah, the blood evidence found in the former home. utah police are saying there was not enough evidence to arrest josh before he died. and did not rule out murder and kidnapping and a missing person's case. during this interview, charlie disclosed that mommy went
4:34 pm
camping with them but did not come back home with them and didn't know why. charlie commented to a teacher in the state of washington, my mom is dead. >> shortly after that disappearance, josh moved them to washington and the investigation in father is what led them to lose custody of his boys. >> and the painful part. ine when you find the answers you can't bring the people back. thank you for the latest on the investigation. >> and good friday is officially a holiday in cuba. at least it will be this year. cuba's leader will look at the holiday. and fikel cast row banned all holidays but brought back
4:35 pm
christmas to honor john paul in his. >> shark attack. and shoppers caught in the middle of terror as we go ahead the world in 80 seconds. >> and sereese was explosion killing len people in one of the largest attacks for months. and more than 100 pime wounded when muslim extremist set off a truck bomb. and minutes later, a car parked nearby exploded and followed by a third truck bomb. >> and australia. and a feeding frenzy continuing in the southwest corner of the country with a fourth person kill would by a shark there in september. two brothers diving from a beach south of perk when a shark moved in and taking one of the brothers out. denmark.
4:36 pm
a scuffle between opposing groups of procestors and they are rallying against the puper. they were confronted for demonstrators calling for diversity. problems trying to beat each other with sticks. >> china. a reminder to look before you change lanes on the road. the driver of a car swerved and cutting right in a path of a truck. and the car doing a 360 pin? o neone was hurt. a cruise ship in trouble on the move again tonight. the quest, and disabled by a car and set adrift 24 hours. and the southeast asian crews headed to maylasia . a fire broke out in one of the engine rooms and that boat
4:37 pm
drifted for a day. the u.s. coast guard said the ship is on the way to the next destination . it is slow speed. and it seems like they have restored the power of them. and it is the edge of the vessel and proceed to the next port of the call. it coast guard in the area is now following the -- escorting the vessel. >> and wow. five crew members suffered smoke inhalation and the itinerary is cancelled and the passengers will get a refund. >> another ship famous nearly a ship ago to the day. the titanic set sale. the ribbon cutting in northern
4:38 pm
ireland. visitors getting a daydeck by deck room. to the ball room. and it stands next to the where it was built. eight days later it left on the maiden voyage. the exhibit left no detail out. >> it is impressive of the views. and i didn't realize you could see where the subway was. and it was amazing. it was just beautiful. >> amazing. i have been behind the gallery. and you can see it. it is finally declaring the titanic.
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[ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> harris: the investigators may be geth chlorer to the art heist. two thieves disguides in as police officers walked out
4:43 pm
with 13 works of priceless art. master pieces by rem brant and degall gone in over an hour. a mobster in connecticut is in jail in an unrelated case. they think he has involvement with the stolen art and knows something about it his attorney said it is prosposerous. >> a plane takes a dive in someone's back yard. ohio, outside of columbus. why a home made aircraft plummeted from the chi to the back yard. they are looking for clues in the twisted metal. >> it was vertically straight
4:44 pm
down. i can't tell what kind it is. >> they expect mechanical. the pilot died on impact. search for a worker and now a recovery effort. he toppled from a platform he was working on and victims, a married father of three was alive when hoe hit the water . so far, only thing that turned was up was a construction helmet. the league exposing workers to carbon dioxide. they are complaining of difficulty breathing. and they were in the parking lot. and one man remains hospitalized in serious condition. also in the golden state. a group of sixth graders
4:45 pm
cleaning up a local pond. i saw what was in the bag. oh, my god, is it happening. they were in with gold and otheran teak students. thyself honest students turned the loot over to police. and hopefully through investigations we can see what the mystery is behind why they were in of the lake. >> we are trying to solve a robberiy. going to work is getting more fun for people. off setting pay cuts and high health insurance costs and new perks for the employees. anita vogul. some things are better than
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money. companies out there feel they have to stay competitor. and they can't offer big bucks they better offer unique to keep talented workers. >> we have a company the place you want to be and spend a good portion working. >> and that's why some companies offer more than usual health and financial benefits. and they boast unique perks and keep them on board and helping to attract new employees . the boulder colorado company. the dogs run fear and so does the beer. they can reduce 401 k matching and give them opportunity to blow off steam in the day.
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and most people when they take a brief break are happy to refocus. and workers at matel have half day fridays and fitness class and a toy store and dry cleaning. you don't have perks for the employeesment after five years was service. back to you. >> no comment. what type of cutches are likely to offer the perks. >> it is not specific to any particular industry. but one sees it in the tech industry. take for example google. it is one of the best place to
4:48 pm
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>> former nfl quarterback ryan
4:52 pm
lee out to bond after police arrested him for drug and burgerary possession . it is right behind peyton manning. they went on to play for the san diego chargers and then three other chefs for leaving the game. before the latest arrest he was already on probation in texas. reading the bible out in public got a man arrested. the building was closed and the man was standing 50 feet away. here's taking liberty. >> it is the creation of the world and visible attributes. february of last year, pastor mark mackey was arrested before reading the bible in
4:53 pm
california. >> this is what the united states are coming to. they call it christian persecution in moderp day america. >> he was insighting for impedding an open business but the dmv was closed. it is crazy to see it in america. you can't preach to a captive audience. that doesn't make sense. dmv was closed. >> mackey thought his speech was protected because he was on public property. he was not blocking anyone and tanding over 50 feet. >> he's crediting an inhibitinguation for people who want their driver's license renewed. >> preaching is okay, but not
4:54 pm
when your audience has no choice. >> he does not have the right to force them to listen and impede the normal activities. >> by preaching in dmv he is forcing people to listen to them. >> that is doctorin of captive audience is a broad brush. no one can go to a park. >> he was charged with trespassing and that has nothing to do with captive office. >> fox news. >> is it you. we are waiting for the megamillionaires to come forward. we'll have the update and break down on how much money they will get. and cities around the world going dark. it is about to happen here in new york for earth hour.
4:55 pm
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